Website Design and Development
Our extensive background in Advertising and Marketing brings us to your table with a plate full of experience and innovative ideas to transform your Marketing programs to an online user friendly environment.
Whether your needs are a simple one page web presence or a comprehensive online marketing catalog, the Creative Corner will custom craft the project to fit your needs.
The Creative Corner staff will arrange for your Domain registration or transfer, set up of FTP protocols and email addresses, through to implementation of your published site.
To the best of our ability, we will advise you if your website project exceeds your actual needs.  We do NOT develop sites that exceed the limits of a sound marketing strategy.
Commercial and Web Photography
Our staff photographer is a professional with over 30 years of experience in commercial and nature photography.  He trained and worked under Richard Colletti and Richard Montclova in New York for commercial presentation and Ansel Adams and Peter Gowland for nature and fashion photography respectively.  Today he merges his trained eye with the digital evolutions and Adobe Photoshop to create high presence illustrations for the web.


We can create your web graphics for you if need be.  If your web graphics are not within our scope of capabilities, we will tell you in advance and assist in locating an appropriate artist for you.  Our goal is to create functional websites ... and we do that well!

Web Maintenance
A good website is like a well tuned automobile.  It must be maintained on a regular basis.  In addition to regular checks of links, illustrations and other basic elements that keep the site running, updating is essential for the return visitor.
The Web is a dynamic medium, and as such, your website should reflect the changes in your business and the products or services you offer. We are pleased to offer you our services for either monthly or periodic site maintenance.
Our monthly maintenance service includes: minor changes to content, validation of existing links, onsite and off. Replacement of graphics (provided by you) Webstat's ( if provided by your ISP) Our monthly maintenance fee is $35/ month (based on annual contract).   If you find you require more than minor changes and link validation, then we can offer our services to you at $50 /hr
Periodic site maintenance is available for the low hourly fee of $50 /hour. This includes updates, link validation, verification, and updating, content changes, etc. 
You may find your site needs additional pages which need to be added or existing pages which need to be completely revised starting at just $50/page.
Talk to us and we can discuss the best way to serve your website needs.


Web Development Price List




Web Site Design 100.00/hr
HTML Coding & Testing 75.00/hr
Monthly Web Maintenance (optional) 35.00/mo
Periodic Maintenance 50.00/hr
Page Updates Starting at 50.00/ea

Web Integration Services
Database, CGI 100.00/hr
DTP / Drawing  &  Photo 75.00/hr
Word Processing 75.00/hr


General Project Price List

Computer / Network

Hourly Rate

Data Base - Application development 150.00/hr

Programming Services
Database, CGI 100.00/hr
WP / DTP / Drawing & Photo / HTML 75.00/hr

Misc.  Charges
Consultation Services, Q&A 100.00/hr
Project Review 100.00/hr
Drive Time (Over 15 minutes) 100.00/hr
Travel & Expenses All Expenses Paid


Projects billed on a per hour bases are payable at the completion of each 10 hours work.

Projects billed on a per project bases require a 50% retainer of estimate, with balance due upon completion.



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